All about worms…according to 3 year olds


I drew my worm a love heart

F- what does that mean?

Umm, I don’t really know , I don’t know what he will do with it

THOUGHTS what is a heart? Can we feel love in our hearts? Do we feel love anywhere in our bodies? Can you draw love?

Worms like going on the funfair, roller coaster

F- do they ever get scared on the rides?

Worms don’t get scared

They do get scared of monsters

I’ve drawn a trap for the lizard and the crow to be stuck

THOUGHTS- small creatures tend to get eaten by larger creatures but are the biggest creatures always the most deadly?

I’m making a house for my worm underground

I’ve made some worm food, grass, it’s not his birthday he only wants grass not cake But my worm loves to have cake for dinner every day.

He needs string for his underground house house, it’s warm and cosy.

I’m making a bed for worm. wiggle in there, wiggle in there. You know what my worm said?

THOUGHT do worms speak? Can they talk without words? Can humans understand them?

This is his cover, he’s got a bed and I’m going to make him toys…(finds another worm under a piece of paper) oh look there is his friend and they are sharing beds.

This is a baby worm. I’m just trying to cut him. He likes it when I cut him up, he says yes for it

THOUGHTS-Do baby worms know as much as grown up worms? Do baby worms have to learn about things? Do other worms teach them?

Oh no , it moved on me, it tickled me. I do not like moving worms. I’m not holding him when he moves, oh man that was freaking out

F- is it alive then?

Yes, real worms do move.

I thought it had a head, let me check. It doesn’t even have a head. If I squash it like this, I want to find out if it is alive. I think it is controlling itself and that’s why it is moving . Do not eat them worms, they controlling themselves, oh no, now it controlled me and its controlling you right now…because you ate it.

J- my worm is moving, I’m controlling myself, I would never control anybody, not even you

O- but he’s an evil worm J (The two boys find a cardboard box for their worms. They notice a red printed cross on the side)

O- Look! It says danger! (Pointing to the cross) it says this thing has been destroyed by this evil worm. Oh man, that’s that’s why it says danger. Somebody has been shooting. It’s the evil worm. I’m going to cut the danger bit off. I don’t like it. Look what’s happening? What’s doing that? It says danger , danger!  I’m going to kill that worm.


(Outside in compost play area)

N- Naughty worm

F- whats he doing?

N-he’s hiding from me .’you’ll pay for this’ he’s naughty. And I’ve got a story for you to write in your book.

“One day the worm gone in the castle and he fight the queen so he paid for this and he’s hiding from me again. No! I trapped him. No , he go in there and curl all up ( places a flowerpot over the worm) there you go now he is trapped for ever. ”

D- Have you built a castle? ( he notices the stack of flowerpots N had built and starts to build his own .) My worm lives in a castle…its a better castle than yours. Oh no ! I’m scared. I’m scared of this tower. It gonna fall. If it falls I’m going catch it. He will be dead and then I’m the boss.

I wonder…Are there good worms AND bad worms? Do some worms know they are evil ? How do worms get to be good or bad? Are there such things as worm bosses? How do other creatures decide who is the boss?





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