Overheard in a Reception class

(Ismaeel and Kyla are drawing trolls)

Trolls are always hungry. They eats billy goats and people

Nothing else, not mashed potato, not McDonalds, not vegetables.

F-So it must be ok for trolls to eat Billy goats then if they don’t eat anything else?

No, he’s got to eat nothing. It’s not ok for him to eat them because then the billy goats will die.

F-But what about the troll? What will happen to him if he doesn’t have anything to eat?

He can just drink water from a pond or juice

F-I wonder if he will stay alive if he has nothing to eat forever?

No, he’ll go to the bottom of the sea

But it’s bad to eat the billy goats

I think he can only eat a little bit every day, just a little nibble for tea, lunch, breakfast. He must have a little nibble of each.


(Shona, Keivan and Carrie are sharing books in the book area)

Guees what! I saw a dead rat on the pavement. Its leg had come off. It was in the snow and when the snow melted a fox found it and he ate it. It was on TV but I think it was near my house but I didn’t check.

Maybe the fox took a photo

That doesn’t even make any sense. He can’t hold things only with his mouth that’s how he ate the rat with his mouth

For real?

Yes. I saw it on TV, real TV not Peppa Pig, she’s a talking pig. Real animals don’t talk they snort or say moo.

That is talking though. It’s animal talking, animal language.

Sometimes it is made up. More times it’s real and less times it’s made up. Like paw patrol, that’s just talking dogs. I like chase.

F-I wonder if you like Skye?

No, he doesn’t, he doesn’t like any girls

F-Is that true?

Yes, I never ever play with girls, only boys.

F-But aren’t we playing together now all three of us?

No, we are talking

F-I wonder if talking about stories is different to talking I wonder if that is playing?



(Child making noises as he draws on troll paper.)

F-What language does troll talk in I wonder?

Deep loud voice

F-Is that a different language to us?

Everyone speaks different. High voice, medium voice, and some deep deep



Observing newly hatched ducklings

That egg is not hatching because it is asleep

F-I wonder if there is anything in it? Maybe it is not a duckling maybe it’s a …..?

What if the babies escaped and fell out on the floor

F-I wonder if it would think we were giants?

They don’t think we are giants they think we are people

Do you think they are scared of us?

But why hasn’t this egg  hatched  ?

I think it is too scared







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