What did the children story in Nursery today?

There is a worm in the sandpit…Should I squish it?

F-Maybe you should ask it?

Hmmmmm I… no….

F-What if there were giants who asked to squish you what would you say?

I’d say No! Let’s put him in the dirt. He likes it, he’s all snuggled up in bed, let’s give him some leaves.

(The worm attracts attention of others, who scream and show disgust)

Take him out

Kill him


We scared of him

Arragh he moving

He’ll bite you it’s got a broken head

Don’t squeeze it!


I asked the children to explain what has been happening


I saw too much footprints here and kicked them , that was how I knew there was a monster there.

F-What else do you know about the monster?

Well, he stays awake under the floor and under the ground

F-Does he want to play with us do you think?

No, he doesn’t want to play. He doesn’t like us, he wants to eat us. He will just crack open the ground and …oh ! Here’s a worm, moving. My dad saves worms sometimes, they get stuck in the ground.

(When retelling the story through drawing a story map, it transpires that the worm is bad)
“Cut the worm, chop in up into pieces and cook him and get the poison out   he’s a bad worm.” He’s a bad worm.”

Returning to the sandpit after lunch

F- is that monster still here i wonder?

A-Yes but he’s small. When you dig for him he turns really, really small, into just sand.

D-It’s a bit trouble that is.

HEY!, look there is a monster crab in here , Hey!

Maybe we need to put some sugar in there?

The monster crab shrinks when you try catching him. He gets as small as sand then you can be brave and stamp on him. You don’t need to be brave if he’s small

F-Are you brave enough to hold him?

A-You have to be brave (pause)

You don’t need to be brave if he’s small- why can’t you just stamp on him when he’s small ? Then fight him when he’s small and step on him?

D- maybe A was lying, maybe there’s no monster crab.







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